• Advertisements;
  • Interview, select and hire masters, officers, crew and catering crew;
  • English Language verbal tests, ISF standard;
  • Professional tests;
  • Documentation, processing and engaging of the crew in compliance with the law of the flag of the vessel;
  • Pre-joining briefing;
  • Establish terms and conditions of employment and negotiate and conclude employment contracts as well as wages with each officer or crew member;
  • On behalf of the Owners to pay wages, allotments, allowances, withhold tax and other contribution required by law and submit the same to the relevant authorities and keep and maintain payroll records Arrange for pay relieves, medical care and repatriation of officers and crew including their travel to and from the vessel;
  • Monitor performance standards and promote, demote or terminate employment when necessary;
  • Ensure that master, officers and crew maintain relevant levels of training appropriate to the performance of their respective duties onboard the vessel providing, or as the case may be, supervising the provision of, training and re-training at such level and frequency as may be required by applicable law and SOLAS;
  • Process grievances in the manner prescribed by applicable contracts or law, render written finding and same and implement grievance procedure recommendations;
  • To maintain rotation plan of working schemes and vacation planning;
  • Debriefing interviews;
  • Reporting to the Owners (format and sequence to be agreed);
  • Assistance in labour unions contacts;
  • Reporting to National Maritime Authorities;
  • To hold the Owners well posted about ongoing changes in National legislation and labour contract conditions.

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