We are confident that people onboard are the most important factor in ship management and maintaining a high retention rate on board is our highest priority. A loyal, stable, and skilled workforce contributes to cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Professional ship management is based on a strong team working together at sea and ashore by working procedures, IT tools, and proper communication.

Our pool consists of experienced and skilled seafarers from Eastern Europe and Asia. A thorough selection process, including testing, professional and personal interviews, is conducted prior to recruitment. Pre-embarkation familiarization of SMS, trading, and vessel particulars is an additional procedure to achieve higher retention.

We accept applications for all positions throughout the year. In case of interest please use to create your profile and upload your application:
We also offer partial manning, and headhunting, if required to our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Complete crew management services are offered from our office in Tallinn.

Direct Phone: +372 6813000, +372 6813009